A musical tween photoshoot in the Sunflowers

Maybe it was the golden light, maybe it was her golden hair or how comfortable she was in front of my camera, either way it made for a magical tween birthday photoshoot.

Maddy was so excited for her styled session with me and it was so much fun chatting through outfits with her during our face-time call. All my tween and teen sessions include this – I really feel that it builds their confidence prior to the session and puts them at ease (not to mention it being pretty cool to face-time with their very own photographer)

I already knew from the ‘lets click’ questionnaire that Maddy was a keen musician and so incorporating her passion and personality into the photoshoot was important.

We spent nearly two hours and had two outfit changes out in the sunflower field and I shot until the sun went down. The first half an hour was spent putting Maddy at ease and breaking down those 12 year old selfie poses and by the end of it I had Maddy running carefree through the long grass with her trumpet and dancing like the child she is among the sunflowers.

Portraits are more than good light and clicking a button you have to be able to connect to who is in front of you and understand the angles of their face. Maddy literally has a face for film, her features came alive through my lens and I am so pleased that I was able to capture her innocence and beauty.

One of my favourite moments was this in between one (below). I did not ask Maddy to pose for this at all. She was standing there waiting for her mum to pass her the trumpet and I literally nearly fell over myself when I saw her standing their so natural and confident. It was a real juxtaposition from some of the playful childlike shots and cemented to me why this age is so wonderful to photograph.

Having your child photographed professionally is a great gift to them. However I always encourage parents in front of the camera for some shots. When your children are old and look back they want to see you in their memories too. They say a picture can say a thousand words, well look at the mother and daughter connection here – it’s indescribable. I shoot how it feels – and I’d love to have a photo like this with my daughter when she is the same age.

If you are interested in a having your tween or teens portrait taken professionally at one of my styled childrens sessions. Please get in touch (before they grown up!)


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