Here’s a collection of what I’ve been clicking on this week.

These past few days I have had the pleasure of some down time ‘up North’ at the great grandparents so the 3 hour car journey there and back was used to my full advantage.


I’ve been getting finger ache from my new addiction to insta window shopping. On my lust list at the moment are these gorgeous dolls from Ciao Bambino which I NEED to get for our littlest they are just too cute. I’m also lusting after this kid sign from Fox + Weave , although i haven’t found a place to put it yet!

Double mum buns

My hair is normally one of two things, down and messy or up and messy. My default mum bun is getting a bit boring so I’ve been looking for alternatives. I tried the double french braid a few times, but it still takes me 10 minutes to do and insane arm ache before I get it how I like it. I generally have about 3-5 minutes max for my hair in the mornings. So when I saw what I like to describe as the ‘messy mickey mouse bun’ I thought i’d put it on my list of things to try in September!

I’ll let you know how it goes on my instagram, in the meanwhile here’s the tutorial from Annies Forget me Knots  that inspired it. I’ve just started following her Instagram and she’s all kinds of awesome.

La Redoute rugs

So since the littlest has started to crawl much earlier than expected, I’ve persuaded the other half that it’s essential to purchase a new ‘soft’ rug. (I think this is going to be beginning  of  ‘your little girl needs it ‘ purchases!)  Our boys were bum shufflers and walkers so there has been no previous need for one.

Anyhow, I’ve been lusting after three different options from La Redoute. and can’t quite decide which one to go for yet. The shaggy one , The geometric one, The berber style one.  I think the geometric one is a bit risky on the stain front, however the others may gather more crumbs?  I’ve also never bought a rug without touching it before, so a little decorating risk there. I can’t imagine it would be easy to send a rug back if I didn’t like it! I’ve also just noticed NEXT has got in on the trend so i might have to have a look at that too! I’ll keep you all updated on which one i go for.

Photoshoot outfits

Each season I arrange a family photo of all of us at one of my favourite outdoor locations.  I normally invite my friend Matt out to do the photo clicking, I do all the settings on the camera, give him a quick refresh on how to focus and frame the shot and then we just have a muck about in front of the lens. It can be a bit hit and miss but we generally come out with 2 or 3 good ones. The great bit is I get to plan outfits for the session and then those outfits become their ‘best’ outfits for parties and such for a few months.

It’s important that I get the colour mix right to compliment the seasonal background, for example I probably wouldn’t be wearing pastels for an autumn shoot. There is normally a bit of yellow included somewhere (love yellow) or at least one colour or pattern pop. So far I’ve got the eldest’s  yellow fisherman coat from M&S, which I love and I think the rest of our outfits will work around it.

I’ve also just discovered ali-express which is basically an online shop where most instragramers  get their stock from. Since before my little lady was born I knew I would be purchasing some fox socks  for her and at £1 a pair I can’t go wrong!  The rest of us i’m not so sure about yet, but i’ve still got a few weeks until the autumn colours change so I have lots of clicking time!

Let me know if you have any rug tips or outfit finds that I might like please.
(now excuse me why i go and make myself look like a modern day princess leia)



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