Boho Maternity session

expectant mum outdoors maternity photoshoot

Sometimes we are so busy running around getting things ready for baby or preparing older siblings that we don’t stop to pause and appreciate what an amazing miracle our bodies are going through. I never had a maternity session with any of my children. I now wish I had. Seeing Lucy in her stunning lace dress with her tumbling curls of hair and glowing skin literally made my womb ache.

And maybe it’s because I’m a people person, or because I have had three totally different pregnancies myself but I seem to just naturally understand how to get the best out of my expectant mums. It’s not always pretty and whimsical, sometimes you get spots, sometimes your feet balloon three sizes and most of the time you’re just feeling really, really exhausted. Everything is concentrated on the baby. How they are growing, what they will look like, what you will call them, which newborn photographer to go with… but what about you?

Why not take a little moment to appreciate yourself? You’ll never get this time back, you’ll never look quite as bloomingly beautiful, in this exact way. How amazing would it be to show your children when they grow up how it all began, and how happy they made you feel. (even if you did puke up everyday for 7months – but that’s another story)

Enjoy the gallery.

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