Extended Family Photography Session – Collect moments not things



Next time you’re racking your brains trying to figure out what exactly to buy your 70 year old Nan for her birthday, you know the one that has ‘been there done that, got the ticket’ the one that owns pretty much everything she could already want?

Stop and think about something she hasn’t got yet.

That photo.

No, not the one you printed out from holiday and gave her for Christmas of you all sunburned, and NO, not the one you got ‘on deal’ blown up on canvas from the highstreet lab of the kids and the white background.

Give her something better.

Give her a walk in the park, give her belly laughs, give her the memory of her grandchildren all screaming in unison I LOVE YOU NANNY. Give her rain soaked tears of joy, real smiles, real memories. Then give her ALL the photos from ‘that day‘ the day you ALL got together, for Nan.

Moments pass. Kids grow up. Families evolve and change. But at the root of it all are grandparents and grandparents matter.

It was a true pleasure photographing  the Davey’s for their Nan’s photoshoot. It didn’t feel like work at all, I was simply documenting THEM the best I could. Each child, each little family were all so happy to be there together. Even though it rained half way through, even though the kids were a little wild sometimes as they were playing with their cousins. The smiles were genuine, the love poured out of them and I wanted to dive right in a be a part of it all.

Thank you for hiring me to capture this.

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