Feel the grass between your toes – Family Photography


Kyle thought it was awesome and loved feeling the grass and mud beneath his feet. Put your shoes back on! Seriously! I love seeing kids feet in photos, something raw and organic about it.  However, they always think I’m weird when I ask them to take their shoes and socks off mid photoshoot.  The plan was to stay on the blanket but then 6 year olds will be 6 year olds.
If I saw a tipi in the middle of the woods I’d want to kick my shoes off and sit in it too!

We started the session on the new bouncy tree I’d found. I normally aim to get to a location about 45 minutes before my clients, to see how the light it falling and plan my route. On this family photoshoot with the Roberts family, mum Karen and I had already pre-dicsussed that her kids were happiest on the move, so when I found the huge fallen tree in the depths of the wood I knew it was going to be the perfect starting place to relax everyone into having fun.

The family loved it. I had a go too, although I needed help down! We moved on to play some games on the long path and gave Dad, Stu a good workout swinging the kids about. Then we sat down and cozied up for family shots with bubbles and tickles, larked about with a game of who can scream the loudest and then rested up with some shots in the tipi. On our way back to the car we found Mr Catapillar. Unfortunately for Mum, little Lyla wanted to take him home. (eek!) So being the mum I am I whipped out a raisin box from my pocket and we put him in. I’m not sure if he made it home in one piece… (Karen can you let me know?)

Anyhow, Here are some of the photos that stood out for me from this session. I hope you enjoy them.


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  • Kerry RoedelSeptember 22, 2016 - 3:04 pm


    I’m looking to have a family shoot in the Bracknell area (I live in Jennett’s park). Ideally, I’d like a shoot in the autumn and I really like the photos of you shoot in the blog.

    can you please get in contact with some details around availability and packages?

    pany thank

    • andthensheclicked@gmail.comSeptember 23, 2016 - 1:17 pm

      Hi Kerry!

      Most certainly! I will drop you an email today.ReplyCancel

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