Chalk and Cheese


The opportunity to photograph identical twin girls with the most perfect blonde hair and blue eyes does not come along often.
When I booked them in I did a little dance.
And on the day of the session I had kittens, I was so excited!

They were both incredibly COOL little ladies and complete opposites personality wise, Ellie a tomboy and Lilly a princess.  Their mum Sarah and I had a good few conversations prior to their session as they’d never had an outdoor shoot before.

Sarah really wanted some advice styling the girls and so she sent me a few outfit layouts through. I explained the benefits of layering their clothes and having similar colour pallets and pattern pops, we decided together that the newest party clothes they had recently purchased weren’t quite right as they were a bit dark and bling against a natural Spring backdrop. However, when the outfit idea of a tutu, animal tights with wellies came through on my phone, I knew we’d cracked it. It echoed their personalities perfectly.

The whole session was go, go, go. We didn’t stop. The energy of these two was infectious and had me climbing up trees with them to get the perfect shot. Their parents looked so proud of them the entire session. It’s so nice when you see the mums and dads fully relax, not only does it give me more leeway to work and play with the children, but it also helps the children to relax. One of the things i took from this session is how contented Sarah and Richard where on the day and how close those two little ladies are. Definitely a force of nature.

I can’t wait for their next session and I’m looking forward to watching them grow up.

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