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Her little hand held onto mine as we crept along the hallway and whispered.
Then she shot off in excitement as we ambled up the stairs. I followed her eagerly with a huge smile on my face, and there he was, baby Lincoln in all his tinyness laying in the sunshine on mummy and daddy’s bed. Olivia was hopping about in the way that only 1 year olds can, and within 5 minutes of arriving I had started clicking. Sometimes it just happens like this and you have to be ready – one year olds don’t tend to wait, and that’s just fine with me.

Lincoln was chilled out for the entire session and was a dream baby. It was beautiful watching Rolf and Nadine nurture the new relationship between their little ones. Teaching Olivia to stroke not push, kiss but not smother and watching the discussions on what common ‘word’ to use to encourage Olivia be gentle and soft.

Having two babies close together is something I know about first hand and it’s so important to encourage love and a positive relationship from day one. Making the older one feel included and important is key. I could see from my time with them all that they were doing a wonderful job so far.

Being able to capture their real life, the first proper cuddles and kisses in such an authentic setting makes me proud to do what I do.

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from the session.



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