More issues than Grazia… a styled childrens session



She had me at washing line. When Gemma rang me up and described her creative over the phone for this years shoot I was so excited. I’ve been photographing Iris since she was born and she has always been super cute and cool. I can confidently say that she smashed it and the ‘issues’ were not with her. they were with me! Each year i feel a pressure to photograph the Ludlam Family in a fresh and creative way. As beautiful as nature is, sometimes your 5th autumn session on the lounge wall can get a bit ‘samey’. So it was down to me to run with Gemma’s awesome idea and put my twist on it. I just had to find the perfect tree, the perfect light and the perfect time of day. It takes a lot more than just rocking up and clicking the camera.  This series of photos took all of 3 minutes to capture but  a few hours of pre planning to get it just right.

This is just a portion of the photo session the Ludlam family had this year. We also hit the skate park… more to follow later this week.

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  • DebbieOctober 5, 2016 - 8:18 pm

    Hi Lisa,

    Saw my friend Gemma Ludlum’s photos of Iris, they are stunning. Can I ask costs for a shoot for my daughter aged 6. My son not longed turned 1 so he have wait till his bit older to get nice shoots like that.


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