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Bribing a 6 year old is essential when all they want to do is scoot. This mischievous little chap is one of my dearest little clients. It is his 5th photoshoot with me and I’m not going to lie, he made me work for it! He knew I had a lolly, he knew I had a back up lolly, and he made sure he got them both. He is really comfortable with me and the camera so I had the pleasure of capturing his personality exactly how it is. Cheeky and a total mummy’s boy.

Mason and Hannah know how to pose now, they know the ‘deal’ and they come back year after year to record their memories. To keep it fresh, this year we changed it up a bit with a dual location shoot both at the parkland and the skate park. I loved opportunity to capture some more urban shots. Mason nearly ran me over with his scooter on more than one occasion, BUT he was happy and it kept him smiling naturally, doing what he loves.

See you next year for your outdoor family photosession guys.


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