Mummy & me product packages and pricing

Welcome to the product price list for your 'Mummy and Me' session. We all know how time consuming it is to sit down and work out how and who should print your photos so let me help! As a full service photographer I can provide you with THE best way to print your photos to ensure they look as beautiful as they do on your screen. All of the quality assurance and delivery schedules will be sorted and you wont end up with any of the ink fading, over saturated products that most high street labs will provide.

Your memories deserve to be preserved in the best way possible. I'll provide you with museum level fine art prints from the top professional print house in the UK. So when your little ones are  holding them their big hands in the future, the photographs will be as stunning as the day they were printed.

Love | £250

  • Five digital photographs to download
  • Five 7 by 5" Fine art prints
  • One 12 by 8" handcrafted wood block heirloom circle
  • £10 off your next session

    (a saving of £45 if purchased seperately)

Cherish | £100

  • Two digital photographs to download
  • One Medium Fine art print
  • Five 6 by 4" Fine art prints

    (a saving of £25 if purchased seperately)

Adore | £50

  • One digital photograph to download
  • Five 6 by 4" Fine art prints

    (a saving of £15 if purchased seperately)

Fine art prints

Five 6 by 4" fine art prints          £35
Five 7 by 5" fine art prints          £50

Medium fine art print                 £30
(either a 10by8, 10by10,
12by8, 10by12, 12by12 inch)

Large fine art print                    £70
(either a 20 by 16", 16 by 16"
or 20 by 20 inch)


All Digital photographs   £200

10 Digital photographs   £150

5 Digital photographs     £100

1 Digital photograph       £30

Wood, Canvas & Framing

12" Handcrafted wood block heirloom circle or square            £85

Little Pure' Handcrafted wood block heirloom collage            £165
(includes two 8by8" & two 8by12" blocks)

12 by 8" Fine art canvas                                                        £75

18 by 18" Fine art collage frame                                           £250

(Other sizes and options available via your online gallery)