Superhero family photoshoot

Batman, Wonder Women, Harley Quinn, Superman, behind

SPOTTED. 8am on top of Bracknell train station car park – Harley Quinn, Superman, Batman and Wonder woman battle it out to see who was allowed to put their coats on first…  I’ve got to give it to this crazy bunch of misfits, they really got into the whole creative for the shoot despite the biting wind.

Kim wanted something a little different for her family photos, so when I mentioned to her about a family superhero photo shoot she was pretty much deciding  the outfits before I could discuss dates! It was really fun photographing everyone larking about. Rhys and Orla didn’t give two hoots where they were, or who could see them from the office building nearby. All they cared about was running all over the place, jumping about and play fighting.

Wonder Women, Harley Quinn, Superman,

Sometimes it’s nice to push the boundaries a little and get away from the cookie cutter approach to family photos. More and more I’m finding families want something a little different that really reflects their personality.



If  you’re looking for relaxed and artistic family photos with bags of style that are unique to you, and you’re bored with stuffy studio shoots. Drop me a email and we can book you in for an outdoor family session. You could be at the skate-park or in the middle of a forest with the kids before you know it.


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